Joe Myer Announces Retirement – Search Begins for New Executive Director

From Randy Kunkle, President of NCALL's Board of Directors:

I share this with sadness and optimism, announcing that Joe Myer has decided to retire this year as Executive Director of NCALL (National Council on Agricultural Life & Labor Research Fund, Inc.) this year. Joe began with NCALL in 1976 and has served as our Executive Director since 1981. Along with an able Board of Directors and staff, Joe oversaw and grew NCALL from a small organization into a top performing NeighborWork's organization and CDFI with 36 employees, a $4.3 million operating budget, and significant scale and impact: 8,400 first-time homebuyers, 55 apartment communities developed/preserved, $120 million loaned for housing and community facilities, and more. Seeing gaps that needed to be filled, adding lines of business, and seizing strategic opportunities, NCALL and our customers have prospered under Joe's leadership.

Joe has been a strong advocate and voice for decent, affordable housing and community development, connecting many in Delaware, the region, and nationally. Thousands each year achieve homeownership, stave off foreclosure, and improve financially with the help of NCALL, while many nonprofits are assisted with self-help housing, rental housing development, and critical financing. As Joe leaves, NCALL is at its strongest organizationally and financially.

NCALL's Board of Directors has established a search committee and hired a consultant - Raffa - to assist with the search, selection, and onboarding process. The search begins today with the circulation of a position profile and application instructions, which can be found at Joe has committed to remain at NCALL during this process and to assure a smooth transition.

On behalf of the entire board, I thank Joe for his dedication, service, and spirit throughout his long tenure with us. A statement from Joe is included below:

"I have enjoyed all aspects of serving NCALL's Board, working with an amazing staff, and overseeing our organizational growth and affordable housing and community development impact over the years. When I joined NCALL 42 years ago, I never imaged this long of a tenure, but time flies when you're having fun. I appreciate the unique opportunity afforded me to mix some business skills and some faith with a great mission-driven nonprofit. But, I do look forward to continuing in this field with a lessening of responsibilities. All of the same staff you know and appreciate will still be at NCALL to undertake new challenges together.

I am thankful and humbled to have enjoyed a career in such a rewarding field, and to work for such a supportive Board, to be a part of the NCALL family and experience, and to interact with so many of NCALL's funders and stakeholders. Thank you!"


Randy Kunkle

President, Board of Directors