NCALL Featured in NeighborWorks Solutions Book

NeighborWorks America, the national network and leader in affordable housing and community development, has featured NCALL's Restoring Central Dover and $tand By Me programs as "impactful stories" in its first published book, NeighborWorks Works: Practical Solutions from America's Community Development Network. The book is intended to act as a model for organizations facing similar issues and challenges throughout the country. The book was released December 14, 2016.

The first story, "Making Central Dover Streets Safer to Attract Stable Homeowners", is about Restoring Central Dover's progress in tackling the challenge central Dover faces with violent crime, illegal drug trafficking, and vacant abandoned properties that provide havens for dealers. To quote the book, "Restoring Central Dover launched in 2015, lays out strategies related to safety, housing, community building and transportation. Steps taken by the organization and its partners to build a safer community in central Dover include: the deployment of police foot and bike patrols, the expansion of surveillance cameras, improved lighting in targeted areas and establishing a community policing collaborative with a citizen advisory committee and Neighborhood Watch groups."

The second story, "Building Bridges to Success for Immigrants" is about our financial coaching services now offered to ESL participants. To quote the book, "Immigrants are often hidden within their communities and their linguistic and cultural differences can silence them. Our financial coaches can provide services that other ESL instructors cannot: communication in the immigrant's native Spanish or Haitian Creole language, free one-on-one coaching and access to housing services and banking programs. Families seeking to buy homes are offered tools and coaching for preparation and then transferred to a certified housing counselor to become mortgage ready."

The book is available on".