NCALL has Certified Military Home Specialists!

We promised to honor and serve our military and their families to the best of our knowledge and ability!

Dover, DE - Boots Across America's national certification course educates loan officers, realtors and housing professionals with a clear understanding of how to work with military clients. NCALL is pleased to have certified graduates of this program and to offer a level of expert customer service to military men and women that they have earned and deserve.

Boots Acrss America

The Boots Across America Certified Military Home Specialist Course provides the tools and knowledge needed to effectively work with military borrowers, especially in a fast-paced and competitive market. It also includes timely advice for housing professionals regarding foreclosure prevention, with tips they can give their clients to help them avoid mortgage delinquencies in the future.

This course helps all housing professionals make sense of the military language, rank and pay system. It even outlines what happens when a service member is injured, and explains how their will continue during hospitalization and treatment. Earning the Certification of Military Home Specialist indicates a significant knowledge base that active duty service members and veterans can rely on for prompt and accurate service of their housing needs. Certified Housing Professionals represent a commitment to provide quality service to military borrowers.