NCALL Receives Loan Fund Aeris Ratings

NCALL is pleased to announce that we have received from Aeris a three-star impact performance rating and a AA financial strength and performance rating. These ratings are the second highest achievable in each category. In addition, we received the Policy Plus designation. Aeris provides comprehensive, third-party assessments of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) such as NCALL, and participating in this voluntary analysis is viewed as a mark of our commitment to accountability and transparency of operations.

The impact performance rating indicates that NCALL “effectively uses its resources to benefit its target populations or communities in line with its mission” while the financial strength and performance rating is evidence that we have “very strong financial strength, performance and risk management practices.” The Policy Plus designation indicates that NCALL leads initiatives “to change government policy to benefit the community development finance industry or disadvantaged people and communities.”

About Aeris Ratings

Aeris financial ratings “assess capitalization, asset quality, management, earnings, and liquidity—often referred to as a ‘CAMEL’ assessment.” As of January 1, the Aeris rating scale changed to a star system for impact performance, and a letter format for financial strength and performance. Learn more here

About NCALL Loan Fund

To learn more about the Loan Fund, please visit the Loan Fund page.

Aeris Rating Letter

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