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NCALL has been in business serving the Delmarva Peninsula since 1976. NCALL is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Dover, Delaware, that specializes in affordable housing development, education and lending.

As a service provider for lower income households, NCALL also offers pre-purchase counseling, financial education and default and foreclosure prevention programs to the public. As an intermediary working on the Delmarva Peninsula, NCALL helps locally based nonprofits to develop multi-family housing projects, mostly apartments, through a variety of development services such as financial packaging, asset management, and organizational development.

NCALL is a high performing organization with measurable outcomes and substantial community impact. The organization has a fully engaged, active, and representative Board of Directors. Personnel are experienced with substantial tenure and credentials. NCALL has a rich history of successfully tackling difficult housing issues, a collaborative orientation, and a professional manner of operations.

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The First State deserves a first-class downtown! Your gift to Restoring Central Dover can help make the neighborhood a safe, attractive, and affordable place to live, work, and play. Your gift can be a monetary donation or the donation of your time as a volunteer for upcoming events like the community garden and clean-ups, holiday celebrations, and much more. To learn more about volunteering, contact

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