NCALL Receives NeighborWorks® Green Designation

NCALL Adopts Green, Sustainable Practices

NeighborWorks® Green Organization


For us, going green makes economic, environmental and productive sense. We use the following sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations:

  • ENERGY STAR labeled office equipment
  • Recycle all office paper, aluminum, glass and plastic
  • Utilize power from our 112 panel solar array on our office rooftop
  • Include Green Sustainable practices in our education classes
  • Incorporate sustainability goals and practices into our employee orientation
  • Include Green training in regular staff meetings
  • Encourage our borrowers and nonprofit development partners to build Green

Homeownership Education and Counseling

Our organization emphasizes high-quality education and counseling for homeowners at all stages – from pre-purchase education to post-purchase education and counseling. NCALL focuses on homeowner success for the long-term, so integrating green elements in our education and counseling programs helps clients make informed decisions to purchase a home that is healthier for themselves and their families, and that is more efficient and financially sustainable over time.

Our homeownership education and counseling staff are trained in green homes and healthy living concepts by the nationally known NeighborWorks® Training Institute. In our education programs, we focus on the key principles of energy efficiency, water conservation and healthy indoor environments. Whether you’re hoping to buy your first home or are wondering what energy-efficient features to consider for your current home, please visit us at for information and training.

Housing Development and Lending

As part of our NeighborWorks® Green Organization designation, we are committed to encouraging our nonprofit development partners and borrowers to build to green standards. This commitment can pay off substantially for homeowners and renters and the entire community in many ways including:

  1. Environmental benefits
    • enhanced and protected biodiversity ecosystems
    • improved air and water quality
    • reduced waste streams
    • conserved and restored natural resources
  2. Economic benefits
    • reduced operating costs
    • creation, expansion and reshaping of markets for green products and services
    • improved occupant productivity
  3. Social benefits
    • enhanced occupant comfort and health
    • heightened aesthetic qualities
    • minimized strain on local infrastructure
    • improved overall quality of life

Organizational Commitment

Throughout NCALL, we are committed to healthy, green, sustainable practices that benefit our customers, clients, borrowers, and nonprofit partners. In fact, our Board of Directors passed a resolution that commits to "meeting all aspects of the NeighborWorks® Green Organization designation set forth by NeighborWorks® America as they relate to the activities and outreach of our organization including green operations, homeownership education curriculum, housing development, and lending."

Our strategy is to infuse as many of our operations as possible – from operations to education to housing development to lending – with cutting-edge green strategies appropriate for our organization, our customers and our community. As we continue to go green, we will alert you to our progress.

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