A happy ending for two deserving families

Dover, Del. – Patricia Bradley and Sharnettia Watkins, woke up on Wednesday morning having no idea that their lives were about to be forever changed for the better.

The ladies arrived at the Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity office under the guise that they would be required to fill out a credit application. To their surprise, they were greeted with balloons and a banner that said “Are you ready to build?” Both women were shocked to learn they had been selected to be Habitat partner families and would receive brand new homes courtesy of Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity, after they complete their Habitat hours and educational courses provided by NCALL.

Ms. Bradley, a retired state worker of over 30 years, lives in a trailer built in 1975. The home has leaks, a weak ceiling and floor, and doors close to falling off the hinges. Ms. Bradley lives with 10 people in the four-bedroom mobile home. Her new home will be a four-bedroom single family home in Dover where she will live with her three children ages 10, 11, and 20.

“Everything was going wrong in the trailer and I was struggling financially while trying to give these kids the best life possible, but I knew God was pushing me to keep going,” Ms. Bradley said. “I knew God had a plan, and I believe this is it. I can’t wait to start building and I will pay it forward. My prayers have been answered and I want to help others in similar situations not to lose faith.”

Ms. Watkins lives in similar conditions to Ms. Bradley. The bedrooms are overcrowded, the home is infested with mold and leaky pipes, and the doors and windows are cracked. Ms. Watkins new home will be a six-bedroom single family home in Dover and she will live with her mother, and her five children ages 14, 10, 11, 9 and 8. 

 “Finding out I was getting a home shocked me, I had no idea that’s why I was called to the office that day,” Ms. Watkins said. “I prayed for so long and never lost faith that God would make this happen. It humbles me and keeps me grounded, and I am truly thankful.”

NCALL’s Executive Director, Karen Speakman, said it’s a blessing to have a great partnership with Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity. “We refer families between our two organizations so that low-income households can become educated home buyers and receive affordable homes and mortgages from Habitat,” she said.

Eligible applicants for Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity must meet specific income requirements, be willing to work with NCALL to complete home ownership counseling and financial educational courses, and complete a vigorous 250 hours of sweat equity on their home. For more information visit or call NCALL at 302-678-9400.